Wash Your Windows Inside and Out

a person cleaning a windowCleaning the interior and exterior windows of your home can instantly provide more natural light in your home and better views of the outdoors. With just a couple of products that you likely already have on hand, your home windows can be sparking in no time. The best time for a cleaning is a cool, cloudy day so that soap and window cleaning solution do not dry on the windows.

Follow these instructions to clean your windows inside and out:


  1. Fill a bucket with clean water and a few drops of dish soap and place a large bath towel beneath the window to catch any drips.
  2. Starting at the top and working your way down, use a clean microfiber cloth or a sponge to spread the mixture over the surface of the window. Be sure to also wipe down the frame.
  3. Using either a mixer of vinegar and water or a glass cleaning product, thoroughly spray the window.
  4. With a clean and lint-free towel, wipe the window dry in a Z-shaped motion.
  5. If dirt or streaks remain, repeat step four.


  1. Remove screens from all outdoor windows.
  2. Outdoor windows are typically dirtier than indoor, so it is best to begin by rinsing them with a hose. Next, prepare the same water and dish soap mixture as used on the indoor windows.
  3. Using a microfiber cloth, spread the mixture over the window. If the windows are higher up, a sponge or microfiber mop can be used.
  4. Rinse windows with the hose.
  5. Spray or mop the same vinegar solution or glass-cleaning product on the windows.
  6. Using a rubber-bladed squeegee, wipe the window dry. Work from the top to the bottom of the window, angling the squeegee downward. After each pass on the window, wipe the squeegee clean with a towel.
  7. If the windows have stains, saturate those completely with the vinegar mixture or glass cleaner and leave for several minutes before scrubbing off with a sponge.

Window screens can be cleaned by rinsing with water, spraying with a vinegar and water solution, and then rinsing with water again. Make sure to allow screens to dry completely before returning them to the windows.

To learn more about cleaning your windows, watch the video below.

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