How to Seat a Crowd at the Holidays

As you prepare to gather with your family and friends this holiday season, you may wonder if your home will be large enough to accommodate all your guests. Hosting a crowd can present some real challenges, especially if you live in a smaller house. Use the following tips to make the most of your limited space:

Rearrange – You may need to rearrange the furniture in your home to allow for a larger table or more chairs. If your dining room table has a leaf, consider angling the table differently or moving it into another room for the best fit. Don’t be afraid to move furniture such as couches and end tables against walls or into different rooms to free up space for your dinner table.

Use multiple tables – Don’t limit yourself to a single dining room table. If you do not have a table large enough for all your guests, try using a few smaller tables.

Out of sight – As you are rearranging, you may find there isn’t enough room for some pieces of furniture while you are hosting. Try moving these pieces into a garage or spare bedroom to create extra space.

Sit closely – If your dining room table typically seats eight, you may be able to squeeze chairs closer together to seat 10 or even 12. Arrange for children to sit in the middle seats and adults to sit in the outer seats. If any guests are left-handed, you may want to seat them on the “left corners” so they don’t bump elbows with the person next to them.

Offer food stations – Food stations can serve a dual purpose when hosting a large crowd. By setting up food buffets in a location other than your dining area, you will limit traffic in what may already be a tight space. You can also place buffets in front of doorways that lead to areas of your home that you may not want guests to access.

Set drinks to the side – Guests tend to congregate where drinks are served. To disperse the crowd and avoid bottlenecks, create drink stations in at least a couple of areas within your home.

If hosting crowds is something you do regularly, maybe it is time for a larger home. I would love to talk with you about your financing options on a home that will fit your needs. Call me today to set up an appointment.

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